Art Story | “Not Finished Yet” (Isaiah 61:1-7; 2 Corinthians 5:17) Copy

In the painting “Not Finished Yet,” part of her “The Way, The Truth & The Life” series, artist Michelle Bentham depicts Jesus wearing a coat with unfinished national flag colors, symbolizing God’s ongoing work to unite His body. The artwork, inspired by intimate worship and prayer, reflects the biblical notion of God’s timelessness and patient purpose. Michelle’s mission is to facilitate connection with the God through creative expression.

Art Story | Into Marvelous Light (1 Peter 2:9)

In less than 24 hours, inspired by prayer and the theme “FREE” for a women’s church conference, Michelle created “Into Marvelous Light”. Part of her Paper Dolls series, it features mixed-media elements on canvas. The artwork symbolizes the spiritual transformation experienced by attendees and aligns with Biblical themes of transformation and identity.

Art Story | Daddy’s Blessing (Matthew 13:45-46)

In her vibrant “Paper Dolls” mixed-media series, artist Michelle Bentham intertwines divine inspiration with artistic expression. “Daddy’s Blessing” depicts her deepening relationship with God, likening herself to the precious pearl a merchant sold everything to possess. Her artwork is a vivid testament to the transformative power of God’s paternal love and the priceless value He places on His children.

Art Story | Soul Surrender (Micah 7:19)

Divinely inspired, “Soul Surrender” emerged during a poignant Bible study. Artist Michelle depicts God’s redemptive power, transforming prayers and revelation into art, vividly portraying sins cast deep into the sea, souls liberated. Her “Paper Dolls” series draws women into an immersive worship and healing, through intimate creative expression. Prints of original artwork available for sale.

Art Story | Her Name is Wildflower (Song of Songs 1:14)

Capturing the resilient beauty of wildflowers, this mixed-media art piece birthed the series of paintings Michelle lovingly calls Paper Dolls. The work symbolizes Michelle’s personal journey, navigating the pain of deep loss. It now serves as a testimony to God’s glory and her own healing after heartbreaking loss. Her art, created from prayer and worship, offers others a way to connect to God’s heart through creative expression.